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            november 21, 2019

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Montreal ready for broad beamed 6,000-TEUers


The Port of Montreal is to see improved access to Montreal on the St Lawrence river navigation channel for vessels up to 44 metres wide allowing entry for post-panamax vessels of 6,000 TEU capacity, reports American Shipper.
This is the first time vessels wider than its previous restriction of 32.1 metres are allowed up the channel. This will reinforce Montreal's strategic position as a logistics and transportation hub of choice for all types of cargo, said port president CEO Sylvie Vachon.
"Shipping lines, no matter what type of cargo they carry, will be able to substantially increase capacity on their services to Montreal, which will inevitably lead to benefits for the port's broad customer base," she said.
The authorisation by Montreal Port Authority (MPA) and the Canadian Coast Guard follows on from a study commissioned by MPA which was conducted by Transport Canada, the Laurentian Pilotage Authority, and Corporation of Central St Lawrence Pilots.
The decision follows on from improved access to the port in an extension of a l'Assomption Boulevard and the redevelopment of Highway 25 to support traffic flow of 1,500 trucks bringing goods into the port area.

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