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            october 16, 2019

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Restructuring of Virginia Ports underway


The Virginia Port Authority (VPA) commissioners will go ahead with a restructuring plan to make its maritime facilities more efficient, responsive, competitive and customer-focused.
The plans calls for centralising port operations under the direct oversight of the VPA.
"Based on a multi-month detailed analysis and critical introspection conducted by leaders from both VPA and VIT, the state's secretary of transportation and attorney general, private attorneys and consultants, a plan to restructure VPA," said VPA chairman William Fralin.
"This is not a workforce reduction: VPA went through that four years ago," Mr Fralin said. "Rather, this collaborative effort sets out multiple goals: streamlining operations, creating efficiencies, improving communications, speaking to the market with a unified voice and eliminating duplication where possible to name a few. The ultimate goal is to make the Port of Virginia the gateway port on the US east coast."
The restructuring will take between six months and a year to completely implement; the savings are estimated at between US$3 million and $6 million over 12 months, the Shipping Gazette informs.

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