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            september 18, 2019

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EU expects IATA make aircraft carbon emission offer at Cape Town AGM


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is expected to announce its carbon dioxide emission policy at its annual general meeting in Cape Town this week, according to European Commission director general Jos Delbeke, reports Bloomberg.
IATA, which represents major world airlines, is seeking compromise on carbon emissions from aircraft after it condemned the inclusion of foreign flights in the EU carbon tax scheme last year.
Said Mr Delbeke: "I'm going to be in Cape Town where IATA will make a number of important decisions on carbon reductions. We don't know the detail, but the industry may be more forthcoming compared to what we anticipated two years ago."
After it became known that the EU carbon tax was to be applied beyond European air space caused widepread protest, there was an European Airbus boycott by China and an outright refusal to comply by the US as well as opposition from Russia, India and Mexico. In the face of this, Europe deferred impementation for a year.
But Mr Delbeki was hopeful that IATA would come up with something approaching what his office's "adequately ambitious" scheme. "It could be quite a significant contribution to what ICAO could do," he said, referring to the UN's International Civil Aviation Organisation's (ICAO) refusal to pass anything of substance.
The carbon tax aims to reduce global warming, but as global temperatures have not risen for more than a decade, despite many scientific forecasts to the contrary, many say there is no need to guard against a threat that may not exist.
The carbon tax involves participation in an involuntary trading system of permits. EU carbon permits for delivery in December rose 3.4 per cent to EUR3.95 (US$5.12) a tonne on the ICE Futures Europe exchange last week.
Montreal-based IATA, with executive officers in Geneva, represents 240 airlines worldwide, comprising 84 per cent of global air traffic and is headed by director general Tony Tyler, former CEO of Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airwayts. The UN agency, ICAO, is also located in Montreal.

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