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            january 29, 2020

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FedEx retires its last 727


FedEx retired the last of its Boeing 727 freighters after 35 years of service, when it first superseded the smaller Dassault Falcons before the industry was deregulated in 1978.
The mid-sized freighter gave the then new express carrier access to more domestic markets and brought immediate operational efficiencies because of greater payloads, reported American Shipper.
The exemption then allowed a company to enter the common carrier business if its payloads were less than 7,500 pounds.
Early FedEx acquisitions of used 727s from other carriers were followed by new aircraft purchases from Boeing, with the last 727 leaving the manufacturer's assembly line and being delivered to FedEx in 1984.
FedEx first retired 727-200s in 2007 and replaced them with 757s. "The retirement cycle accelerated under the fleet modernisation programme that through the last several years included more 757 freighters, as well as new Boeing 777 long-range freighters, which are the biggest in the FedEx fleet and the world's largest twin-engine cargo aircraft," the company said.

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