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            september 17, 2019

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Lufthansa Systems further increases efficiency of Malaysia Airlines data network


Malaysia Airlines will be the first airline to use the new Internet offload function for Lufthansa Systems’ SkyConnect WAN solution at all of its sites. This new function improves the performance, reliability and efficiency of Lufthansa Systems’ worldwide data network while lowering costs at the same time. Following a successful test at two sites earlier this year, Internet offload will be rolled out gradually at 150 locations. The rollout should be completed at the beginning of 2014; two thirds of the sites have already switched over. 
Internet offload is very flexible and can be installed at sites with a WAN fast. In a classic network architecture, data traffic destined for the Internet is directed first from a company’s branch office via the Wide Area Network to a data center and then to the Internet. This is for reasons of bandwidth, access rights and security requirements. Internet offload, on the other hand, diverts data traffic to the data center via secure and cost-efficient Internet connections, easing the load on the WAN. This means that users have access to greater bandwidth at lower costs and while benefiting from the highest security standards. 
“With SkyConnect, we link the capacities of different providers and choose the appropriate technologies to create a high-availability data network for our customers,” said Bardo Werum, Senior Vice President Infrastructure Services at Lufthansa Systems. “Our approach avoids unnecessary data traffic and makes necessary data communication as efficient as possible. As a global service provider, Lufthansa Systems is able to negotiate better conditions with these providers. Therefore SkyConnect lowers the cost of using a worldwide data network by an average of 30 percent for our customers." 
Lufthansa Systems is already preparing another innovation for SkyConnect: Internet breakout establishes a direct connection to the Internet from a branch office, taking security requirements into account, so that third-party applications can be used. An approach like this reduces data traffic times and further eases the load on the central infrastructure, provided that the necessary security functions are implemented at the branch offices. Modern network components make this both feasible and economical, because it costs less to install security features at a branch office than it does to overload the central infrastructure with unnecessary data traffic. These solutions also make the network infrastructure ready to handle VoIP and unified communications traffic, because they cost-efficiently solve a core problem with all VoIP solutions: the need for bandwidth.

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