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            january 28, 2020

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Embraer E2 extends wingspan to cut fuel


As part of a modernisation programme three models of aircraft in Embraer's E2 series will feature a new wing design, new engines, fly-by-wire flight controls, a new avionics layout, reports New Jersey's Aviation International News.
Separate contracts have been awarded by the Brazilian plane maker to Austria's FACC and Belgium's Sonata to supply parts of the all-new wings for its E2 jets.
Under the terms of the contracts, FACC will design and build composite ailerons and spoilers, while Sonata will be responsible for the aircraft's carbon-fiber flaps and metallic slats.
Embraer commercial aviation COO Luis Carlos Affronts said the design changes planned include extending the wingspan of current E175 E2s to 94 feet, two inches from 85 feet, four inches with a new pair of wing tips. The first modified aircraft will be delivered to Republic Airways in 2014.
Later, wholesale changes in the design of the E175 E2 airfoils will extend the wingspan to 101 feet, eight inches. As for the E190 and E195 E2s, 16 feet, four inches to 110 feet, seven inches, will extend the current wingspan. The longer wingspans will result in less induced drag and better fuel efficiency.
Other changes include a fuselage stretch in the E175 and E195, full fly-by-wire flight controls, a new, more functional avionics layout, a new interior and the power plant switch from GE CF34s to two new versions of the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G "geared" turbofan, the report said.
The remodeled E190 E2 is scheduled for entry into service in the first half of 2018 and will retain its current seating capacity, while the revamped E195 E2 will enter into service in 2019 and will carry three more rows of four-abreast passenger seats than the current E195, to carry up to 144 passengers. The smallest of the three models, the remodeled E175 E2, will enter into service in 2020 and carry one more row of seats, raising its capacity range to 80 to 90 seats.
The capacity increases will be achieved by lengthening the fuselage (body) of the E175 to 106 feet from 103 feet, 11 inches. The E195 E2 will be stretched to 136 feet, two inches from the current 126 feet, 10 inches.

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