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            january 22, 2020

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DHL launches transshipment service from Shanghai


DHL has become the first to start international transshipment consolidation service from the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Xinhua reports.
Shanghai's Pudong Airport and the city customs will optimise services to ensure DHL's new service can run smoothly and enhance Shanghai's competitive strengths in the global market, said the report.
With DHL's new service, shipments from abroad can now be flown to the Pudong Airport and be unpacked, sorted and loaded onto different containers according to their destinations and be shipped to other foreign countries. This is said to be able to enhance transport efficiency for international transshipments.
Shanghai Airport Authority chairman Li Derun said an airport's capacity to handle international consolidation cargo is an important measure in whether it can become a major cargo hub.
Facing greater challenge brought by increasing global transshipments, Shanghai Airport Authority will speed up expansion and upgrade of its facilities and services, he said.
According to Mr Li, by 2020, they aim to achieve an annual freight throughput of 4.7 million tonnes, and raise the proportion of transshipments from the current five per cent to 15 per cent.
An extensive cargo network will also be developed which covers domestic and international destinations and is comprised of air-air and air-ground intermodal with support of information technology.
The transport efficiency of air freight is supported by the customs operational efficiency. Among the 98 key tasks listed in Shanghai's Free Trade Zone plan, nearly 20 is related to the air industry.
These tasks include supporting launch of more cargo flights for transshipments from Pudong airport and innovate Shanghai customs and inspection authority's operation to enhance efficiency.

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