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            november 14, 2019

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China's higher rail rates expected to be known in early 2014


China's railway rate pricing reform scheme, designed to improve profits and attract investors, is expected to be published in early 2014, Xinhua reports.
China's railway rate pricing marketisation is to set a ratio of 1:3 between road rate and railway rate, and let railway rate fluctuate with the road rate.
The railway freight rate will no longer be fixed by the government. Based on the current road freight rate of CNY0.4 to 0.5 per tonne, the railway freight rate should be CNY0.14 (US$0.02) to 0.16 per tonne, higher than the current price of CNY0.12.
The railway authority will progressively raise railway freight rates to CNY0.15 per tonne in one to two years from the current CNY0.12, then let the price fluctuate with the market.
Passenger high-speed train ticket pricing will be fully marketised like air transportation, while regular trains will be subsidised.
A person close to the source said that China's railway price has always been too low under government control, which make marketisation hard to implement.
Low price is not attractive to private investors. The person disclosed that the railway freight rate will be raised by no less than 10 per cent in February or March 2014.
In March 2013, China separated the administrative from commercial functions of the railway authority by disbanding the Ministry of Railways, and setting up a national railway authority and the China Railway Corporation to run the commercial side.

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