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            november 21, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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DHL launches temperature-controlled China-Europe rail service


DHL Global Forwarding, Freight rolls out its development plans for a unique temperature-controlled China-Europe rail service. Powered by a diesel-electric engine, DHL containers allow internal temperatures to be controlled, tracked and remotely modified. This provides an all-year round multi-modal shipping solution for temperature sensitive products that traditionally were unable to use the fast and cost-effective trans-continental West rail corridor, during harsh winter and hot summer months.
Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight, said: "Only in May 2013 we introduced our time saving and CO2 efficiency increasing multimodal solution for transports between Asia and Europe. With the launch of our new China to Europe temperature-controlled shipping capabilities we are now able to upgrade this service within less than one year. Our customers in both continents will experience the usual DHL quality coupled with a much greater flexibility as we provide them access to this effective transport route for their temperature-sensitive products year round - whatever the weather is, from the most scorching summer to the coldest winter."

Advanced track and trace system with high level of customer control
DHL's temperature-controlled rail service allows for precise climate control of containers on the fastest lane from China to Europe - the West corridor between Chengdu and Lodz. Despite external temperatures that range annually from highs above 26°C to lows of an average of at least -17°C, customers can set optimum internal temperatures for their consignment from -25°C to 25°C all-year round - a considerable benefit for hi-tech and other temperature sensitive goods in particular. Containers are lightweight and made from aluminum and high-strength steel and provide their own energy using a diesel-electric engine. All are fitted with an advanced track and trace system that allows customers to not only know their shipment's precise location but also check and modify internal temperatures during the route if necessary.
The China-Europe rail service was launched last year in partnership with YHF Logistics, operator of the rail service that runs along China's West corridor - the Chengdu Express Train. Dubbed the fastest rail connection between China and Europe, the service starts in Chengdu, China and runs along China's West corridor to DHL's intermodal hub in Małaszewicze and Lodz, Poland.

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