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            october 20, 2019

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Beijing tells local authorities to strengthen rules on local delivery


China's Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Commerce will together strengthen the administration of the urban logistics sector to ease congestion, improve traffic flow and promote development, Xinhua reports.
Urban distribution played an important role in delivering necessities of life to city dwellers and contributed to the urbanisation process. But a lack of sound administration and standards for distribution vehicles and services, have hindered the efficiency and kept costs high.
The central government will require city traffic authorities to conduct survey on urban distribution demand on a regular basis, and to canvass opinions from carriers to manufacturers to inform policy decisions.
Local authorities will also be required to work out transport capacity, devise control plans to enable reasonable allocation of capacity and optimise traffic control measures.
Traffic authorities will also be required to strengthen the administration of vehicle standardization, safety and emissions as well requiring carriage within the closed space of trucks.
Perishables will have to be carried in temperature controlled trucks. Dangerous goods transportation vehicle must also comply with regulations with identifiable applied to the urban logistics vehicles, said the report.
Authorities will also demand a study of regulations for the emerging "cargo taxi" services and work out plan for capacity of such services in local areas, also strengthening training for such services.
Local authorities will have to study on more reasonable terms for vehicle use on restricted roads as well as permissible hours of use, combining freight distribution needs while optimising traffic conditions.
The government also calls on local authorities to apply regulations that will offer priorities to the qualified carriers transporting necessities, perishable agricultural produce. Large less-than-truck-load carriers and those who owns large distribution centres are also earmarked for priority treatment.

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