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            october 23, 2019

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LKW Walter
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DB Schenker Logistics carries ABB transformers 4,000 kilometers from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk


A few weeks ago, DB Schenker transported four transformers for ABB Group some 4,000 kilometers from the port of St. Petersburg to the Novosibirsk Hydroelectric Power Station, a branch of OAO RusHydro. The cargo, with a total weight amounting to 280 metric tons, had to be partially knocked down to be transported.
DB Schenker's Russian national company ZAO Schenker won the bid for the project by offering particularly high service and the shortest delivery time. Within a short period, the documents were gathered for customs clearance, railroad transportation of the heavy-weight pieces – weighing over 60 metric tons each – was made ready, and the necessary permits were obtained from the authorities for the final leg of the journey by road to the construction site.
"The choice of rolling stock and the design of a special method for securing the cargo wasn't easy," said Pavel Zahrov, head of project forwarding at ZAO Schenker. "The dimensions, the weight, the supporting surface, the transformers' unusually high and shifted center of gravity – all these factors did not allow the application of traditional methods for placing and securing cargo, even in the case of using special-purpose railroad wagons. That's why we developed a special solution that we coordinated with Russian Railways."
All the parties involved worked together closely, making it possible to deliver the transformers to the Novosibirsk Hydroelectric Power Station less than 20 days after they had arrived at the port of St. Petersburg. The services included customs clearance at the port under a single customs commodity code; delivery of the accessories from the port directly to the power station; and transportation of the heavy-weight items to Novosibirsk by railroad, their transshipment to trailers and their delivery to the power station.
ZAO Schenker is the national company of DB Schenker Logistics in Russia and was founded in 1992. Today it offers a full range of logistics services, employing more than 900 people and maintaining a national network with offices in 24 Russian cities.

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