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            october 23, 2019

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LKW Walter
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smart France again presents award for quality to PANOPA


PANOPA Logistique France SARL was awarded the “Prix d’Honneur“ by automaker smart France for the high quality of its logistics services for the sixth time in succession.
“For smart flawless supply to the assembly lines has absolutely top priority,” says Charles Braun, Managing Director of PANOPA Logistique France. The quality demands the carmaker places on its logistics service provider regarding production supply are correspondingly high. These requirements were met again in 2013 thanks to outstanding logistics performance.
The French subsidiary of PANOPA Logistik GmbH manages a total of 25,000 square metres of logistics space for smart France in Hambach in Lorraine. “Last year we won the contract award for the successor model to the smart fortwo that will roll off the line here completely via the standard production process as of the second half of the year,” explains Charles Braun. As a result, the area to be managed increased by 17,000 square metres at one go. Aside from transport management for the incoming trucks, PANOPA Logistique is responsible for the transport of swap bodies and trailers on call, receiving, storage of the delivered vehicle parts and complete trailer yard management for around 35 trailers a day in “smartville”. The specific tasks also include temporary storage of components and their container-based sequencing as well as just-in-time delivery to the line. The company has to handle up to 300 large and 400 small load carriers every day.
Charles Braun: “In view of this new order, we are particularly proud of the award as the Prix d’Honneur shows that we have coped with the growth without any loss in quality.” To make sure it stays that way in 2014, more personnel is needed, however. In the coming months PANOPA Logistique intends to create 80 new jobs for this purpose.

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