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            january 17, 2020

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Shanghai free trade zone cuts red tape to speed customs clearance


China's General Administration of Customs has approved that imports from foreign markets bound for the Shanghai free trade zone will no longer need the entry cargo clearance bill issued by inspection and quarantine authority, according to Shipping Gazette.
Shippers used to have to obtain an entry cargo clearance bill issue by the inspection and quarantine authority for imports which specify the details of the goods such as origin and content, and have to show them to the Shanghai free trade zone customs before entering the zone.
Xinhua's report said the move not only brings greater convenience for the shippers but is also a sign of the customs' efforts in streamlining procedures.
Shanghai customs reminds that at present, the imports which are able to enjoy the new policy are those that are imported directly from foreign countries to Shanghai. Those imported to other cities and transshipped to Shanghai are not included and still have to stick with the old practices.
Shanghai customs revealed that they will simplify the entry cargo manifest form in the near future for the Shanghai free trade zone. The new manifest will combine the two existing forms, of which one has 29 items to declare and the other has 40, to make it a new form that require only 30 items. The new forms is expected to be put into use in the early half of year.

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