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            october 21, 2019

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Sino-Kazakhstan International Logistics Base to be completed this month


The construction of the Sino-Kazakhstan International Logistics Base cooperation project is expected to be completed in May, according to Lianyungang Port Group, reports Xinhua.
The facility is located behind the Lianyungang's Gangmiaoling operating area in eastern Jiangsu province, adjacent to container and bulk grain berths, with convenient transport and distribution facilities.
It is said this is the first facility built after introducing the strategy of "Silk Road Economic Belt" by Beijing.
The logistics base will involve the construction of a 200,000-square metre container yard with 1,763 slots of containers and a 23,000-square metre container warehouse as well as a container yard rail line of 3.8 kilometres.
It has a designed daily handling capacity of 10 trains and an annual handling capacity of 410,000 TEU, providing services of international cargo transport business such as international multimodal service and warehousing.
The project was signed on February 26 this year and is now under smooth construction.

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