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            november 12, 2019

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China starts to export via Sino-Russian Hunchun-Makharino Railway


The Sino-Russian Hunchun-Makharino Railway carries Chinese export cargo for the first time in its regular operation of its Asia-Pacific sea-land intermodal service, reports Xinhua.
The first load consisted of six containers of mineral water from Jilin province's Yanbian Nongshim Mineral Beverage Co Ltd, totalling 103 tonnes going to Russia's Zarubino port first, 60 kilometres from Hunchun.
The rest of the freight was then taken on the Hunchun-Makharino Railway to South Korea via the Hunchun-Zarubino-Sokcho line, the Xinlanhai, which provides the shortest route between northeast China, the Russian Far East and South Korea.
The Hunchun-Makharino Railway resumed operation in August 2013 after closing for nine years. But it only provided cargo import service without exports.

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