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            october 24, 2019

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First EPAL pallet symposium in Hungary


Some 50 experts and practitioners discussed current and future development of the open pallet exchange pool in Hungary, the quality of the EPAL Euro Pallet, modern application opportunities, RFID technology and the new pallet app at the First Pallet Symposium of the European Pallet Association e. V. (EPAL), held in Budapest on 5 June 2014. The symposium's objective was to expand partnerships and networks among users, and to increase EPAL Euro Pallet presence on the Hungarian market further.
"We are extremely pleased with the high level of interest. This shows that the EPAL Euro Pallet and the open pallet exchange pool is an important topic not only for pallet manufacturers and repairers, but for the users in commerce and industry as well", said Martin Leibrandt, CEO at EPAL. The EPAL Euro Pallet, he adds, is a versatile, resilient and ecologically sustainable pallet that enjoys a high level of confidence among consumers due to the strict quality control it undergoes.

EPAL Pallets can be exchanged without restriction
One specific topic that was closely monitored by the participants, including representatives from Hungary's MÁV railway service, and also discussed on the event's sidelines, was the production and repair of EPAL pallets as carried out by companies licensed according to strict uniform criteria. "This guarantees unrestricted interchangeability", underscores Martin Leibrandt. Unannounced audits performed by the independent company Bureau Veritas secure quality among manufacturers and repairers. "With this quality, the EPAL Euro Pallet meets all of the requirements of the Hungarian economy. That is why we want to gain further licensees in Hungary and expand the comprehensive network of production and repair businesses even further", said Martin Leibrandt. In this context, many users stated they could not understand why MÁV continues to forego acceptance of unrestricted interchangeability.

Strategies to counteract pallet counterfeits
While Joachim Buerhop, Commercial Manager Transport & Logistics Services at Bureau Veritas, provided information about his company's quality control measures, Almási Gyula of the Hungarian Customs Authority reported on recent studies regarding pallet counterfeits. The presentation given by Karmazin György of Magyar Logisztikai, Beszerzési és Készletezési Társaság (MLBKT) focussed on the role of local freight carriers and logistics service providers for the Hungarian economy.

New Smartphone app automates pallet logging
Dr Volker Lange, Director of Packaging and Commercial Logistics, AutoID and RFID at the Fraunhofer Institute, reported on modern applications for EPAL Euro Pallets with RFID technology. Clear identification in connection with precise location and motion tracking are driving profitability for users. Additionally, Dr Volker Lange presented an innovative smartphone app for automated Euro Pallet logging. With the help of a camera function, the application automatically computes the number of Euro Pallets in a stack, simultaneously placing them in quality classes A, B or C. "The app makes the day-to-day work in a cargo bay easier, expedites processes and avoids discussions regarding the quality class of the Euro Pallets", says Dr Volker Lange.

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