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            october 20, 2019

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Indonesia starts anti-piracy scheme with heavily patrolled anchorages


Indonesian authorities are moving to suppress the growing threat from pirates targeting tankers in south Asian waters and for hijacking ships to steal cargo.
This plan includes the establishment by the Indonesian Marine Police of designated safe anchorages within ports, which will be monitored andpatrolled regularly, reports GAC Hot Port News.
These designated areas are Belawan: 03:55.00N-098:45.30E; Dumai: 01:42.00N-101:28.00E; Nipah: 01:07.30N-103:37.00E; Tanjung Priok: 06:00.30S-106:54.00E;Gresik: 07:09.00S-112:40.00E;Taboneo: 04:41.30S-114:28.00E; Adang Bay: 01:40.00S-116:40.00E; Muara Berau: 00:17.00S-117:36.00E; Muara Jawa: 01:09.00S-117:13.00E and Balikpapan: 01:22.00S-116:53.00E.

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