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            november 17, 2019

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Relocating empty containers goes Green


Most of the goods arriving at Port of Södertälje are imports that are then transported to their final destinations in the Greater Stockholm region. Left behind are empty containers that need to be moved to other locations, to ports that predominately export, for example.
A common ennui for ocean shipping lines is the high demand for empty containers and how get a hold of them. It has been solved in the past by transporting empty containers by road or ship but now the Port of Södertälje, the Port of Norrköping and Gävle have teamed up with Green Cargo to ease the moving of empty containers in a more smooth, efficient and environmentally-friendly way.
- Ocean shipping lines suffer from an imbalance where they are obliged move empty containers to another location to be re-filled with goods for export, says Per Fredman, sales manager at Port of Södertälje. We have understood that by teaming up with our colleagues we can solve the problem far more effectively. We look forward to implementing our concept in the autumn.
The concept involves Green Cargo moving the containers to locations where they are most needed. Green Cargo has access to up to 40 intermodal termini throughout Sweden and therefore has the flexibility that is needed in providing fast and easy container transports on a daily basis. An intermodal terminal is a point where both rail and road networks meet.
- Here at Green Cargo both quality and the environment go hand in hand. There are great advantages for the environment in relocating the empty containers by rail instead of by road, says Jonas Börjesson, customer relations manager at Green Cargo. By using the rail system we also avoid heavy traffic on the road network.
As an example, Jonas mentions carbon emission figures. A road transport of 1 000 TEU from Södertälje to Norrköping, a distance of 129 kilometers, 84 tons of carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. The same transport by rail the carbon emission amounts to 0,2 tons.

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