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            october 15, 2019

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Intelligent ticketing on the rise in Germany


Intelligent and user-friendly ticketing and passenger information systems in public transport have continued to gain acceptance and spread more and more in Germany. Due to the modern, pioneering technology from INIT, the transport operators in the region of Paderborn/Höxter and the Verkehrs-Servicegesellschaft Paderborn/Höxter (VPH) can now make a perceptible difference for their passengers while preparing themselves for the future.
An integrated Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) and ticketing system is currently implemented for an urban transport operator in the districts of Paderborn and Höxter.This system is being extended to as many as six more regional transport operators in the final rollout stage of the project. In the background, a central, multi-client capable telematics and ticketing system provided by INIT handles data exchange with the vehicles and the evaluation of passenger information, connection protection as well as the revenue management for the single transport operator and between the operators. Passengers also benefit from a simplified ticket purchase process and an easier validation of an already purchased electronic ticket on a smart card or as a bar code according to the VDV core application (VDV-KA). Because of this, the Hochstift tariff and other adjacent tariffs are currently stored on the ticketing devices in the vehicles to ensure efficient validation.
In anext step, current fare products such as annual ticket subscriptions and annual student tickets will be turned into “electronic authorizations” which are stored according to the VDV core application standard as well.
The related hard- and software is provided by the systems specialist INIT, based in Karlsruhe. The project is expected to be fullyimplemented by 2017.

Success based on integrated systems
In order to further improve the service and thus to make public transport more attractive, VPH relies on solutions provided by INIT.They include a client-based Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) which allows them to better coordinate trips performed by the various transport operators within the VPH and to enhance the punctuality and the reliability of the whole system, as well as an integrated ticketing system. The background system MOBILEvario is the core of the ticketing solution. Due to its functionality and multi-client capacity, it is one of the most advanced systems on the market. For instance, it allows integrating existing infrastructure such as smart cards (Padersprint Card) and features a clearing system for transactions between the various operators.

Example of VPH should lead the way
In a first installation step in 2014, approximately 150 vehicles of several transport operators will be equipped with the combined ticket printer and on-board computer EVENDpc. Further in to the project, about 180 PROXmobil2 passenger terminals will be installed. Both devices allow the validation of electronic authorizations in compliance with VDV-KA. This way, the driver is released from time-consuming validation tasks, and boarding and dwell times are reduced. As a result, passengers arrive at their destination faster and on time.
According to INIT chief sales officer Dr. Jürgen Greschner, “VPH is taking the lead towards a more customer-friendly ticketing system. We are pleased to be the selected exclusive partner in this context. The example of the VPH, which is striving to improve the acceptance of public transport with the help of innovative service offers, should inspire other transport operators in Germany.”

Source: INIT

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