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            october 21, 2019

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LKW Walter
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Remote temperature control


Together with its subsidiary, idem telematics GmbH, BPW has launched a new partnership with Carrier Transicold to integrate refrigeration equipment into the TControl telematics system. This new partnership between the Munich telematics experts and the manufacturers of refrigeration equipment facilitates two-way communication between the TControl telematics system and Carrier Transicold units.
For the carrier, this means that the disposition of Carrier Transicold refrigeration units can now be monitored and controlled by the TControl telematics system. TControl accesses data from the refrigeration unit in real time, including set points, alarm codes, thawing processes and operating procedures. It gathers all the data together and makes it available to the carrier via an online portal. The dispatcher can access the information at any time and change the settings if required. Two-way communication allows the refrigeration units to be monitored remotely at all times, whether they are on the road or unhitched. Malfunctions are flagged up via SMS, e-mail or app.
In the event of unforeseen emergencies and on routes where there are long distances between service points and workshops, two-way communication is vital for avoiding cargo losses caused by excessively high or low temperatures. It allows immediate action to be taken if there is any deviation from the correct values so that the transportation contract can be fulfilled to the usual high standards.
An EN 12830-certified temperature recorder is part of the TControl telematics system for temperature-controlled transport. This feature, along with the real-time tracking function, ensures the system meets all the requirements of the transport sector. By having constant access to all relevant information, the transportation and loading processes are made even more secure and transparent for the carrier. 

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