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            october 18, 2019

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European trucks with perishable fruit turned back at Russian border


Hundreds of fruit-laden Spanish trucks have reportedly been turned back from Russia in response to western economic sanctions imposed because of Russia's annexation of parts of the Ukraine, according to Shipping Gazette.
Reports are emerging of the extent of its impact, with large numbers of fruit and seafood shipments being refused entry into Russian territory, causing trouble for shippers and forwarders.
This has been the fate over the last two weeks of nine trucks from Marseilles fruit wholesaler, Comimpex, carrying 200 tonnes of pears, said its sales chief Eric Guasch.
Trucks from other countries have had to turn back, reported Lloyd's Loading List. Fruit and vegetable shipments from Poland have been already banned.
EU fruit and vegetable exports to Russia total around 2.2 million tonnes a year, Mr Guasch said, to equivalent of 105,000 truck loads, the vast majority sent in summer.
"This ban couldn't have come at a worse time," said Mr Guasch. "The whole supply chain for perishable freight to Russia - growers, wholesalers and hauliers - have been dealt an enormous blow."
Said the European Shippers Council (ESC): "Sanctions will affect shippers considerably - especially producers of perishables."

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