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            october 17, 2019

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Dutch firm markets box for all seasons


Rotterdam's UNIT45, a maker of air-conditioned containers, is marketing a box that keeps temperatures constant in hot and cold weather over long distances - ideal for Asia-Europe Russian rail runs, according to Shipping Gazette.
"During winter in Kazakhstan and Russia, there are times when it becomes -40 or even -50 degrees Celsius outside," said UNIT45 managing director Jan Koolen.
"Some products like [electronic] notebooks and certain car parts will be damaged if the temperature becomes lower than -20 degrees Celsius. They need container able to produce heat," he said.
"Also, the pharmaceutical, meat and potato business would like to ship more quickly out of Europe to China," Mr Koolen said.
To counter temperature extremes, UNIT45 is now marketing a 45-foot diesel-electric container that provides temperature control for 20-day rail journeys of 10,000 kilometres.
It has an 800-litre diesel tank to provide a reliable power supply, as well as a track and trace system with real time alerts and controls and record-keeping capacity.
"Our diesel-electric container gives shippers the flexibility to use intermodal operations, safe in the knowledge that their goods will arrive in the required condition," said Mr Koolen.
"With the train it takes around 18 days door-to-door, with ocean freight it takes 45 days," said Mr Koolen adding that his system also offers options for products now forwarded by air.
"Lots of customers take the plane, but it is four to eight times as expensive as the train," he said.
"Customers would like to save money 12 months a year and not only in the summer period. This type of equipment will have more and more demand in future, because it gives the possibility to ship cargo during winter," Mr Koolen said.

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