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            october 19, 2019

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LKW Walter
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Blizzard for the tram markets of CIS countries from Stadler


Stadler Rail Group has today presented one of its latest innovations at this year’s InnoTrans in Berlin, the prototype of the 100% low floored broad gauge city tram named Metelica. The Metelica (originally Mетелица, which means snowstorm or blizzard is Russian) tram has been developed by Stadler Rail Group’s newly established Belarusian subsidiary Stadler Minsk. The tram is available both in singledirectional and in bidirectional versions, meant for operation primarily in CIS countries.
The elegant, three-carriage, 100% low floor tram offers outstanding passenger capacity, suitable for high-speed commuter routes on city and regional lines. The single-direction version provides 70, the bidirectional version 60 seats, while the maximum speed of both reaches the 75 km/h. The interior is bright and friendly and can be adapted to individual customer requirements. The tram features a visual and acoustic passenger information
system and video surveillance. Designed for a remarkable temperature range of –40 to +40 degrees Celsius, the vehicle can cope perfectly with extreme weather conditions typical in the targeted markets. Also for climatic reasons, the tram is equipped with state of the art air condition and high performance heating system.
The tram also meets the latest requirements and principles of accessibility, as the vehicle offers separate areas for wheelchairs, bicycles or baby strollers. The space for wheelchairs is also equipped with seat-belt option and driver alert function, while the boarding and exiting is made easier by manual folding boarding ramps.
The body of the vehicle is tilled with panels of light weight anticorrosive aluminium, increasing the tram’s durability and maintainability. Each of the four driving engines is equipped with separate air-cooled IGBT converter. Optionally, the driver’s cabin design meets the EN 15227 safety requirements and thus damages in case of collisions are reduced. The bogies assure smooth run as well as security against derailment even on lower quality railway infrastructure. Metelica offers the customers an optimal high-end solution, designed for regional routes of high intensity, providing a maximum comfort for passengers and operators alike.

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