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            october 21, 2019

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Trans Poland 2014 – the TSL festival


Soon, on the 5th November 2001 in the EXPO XXI Center, the Trans Poland 2014 International Transport and Logistic Exhibitionis starting up. Having put the last year’s event firmly on the right track, we are bringing this year’s edition into the fast lane!
Even though the Exhibition was held for the first time last year it has already found considerable appreciation among the industry’s professionals and has taken up a must-see slot in the diary of every business player in the field of transport, shipping, and logistics. Given the topics to be addressed at the special events this year, those who recognize safety and security as a priority in the transport sector ought to consider their attendance at the Fair obligatory.
The Host of the Exhibition has offered the visitors and participants the opportunity to expand their know-how and to meet numerous potential business partners. As already announced, exhibitors from at least 16 countries will attend the 2nd edition of the Fair.

Into the CIS countries without problems
Regrettably, the European market continues to be divided up into the western part belonging the European Union and the eastern part which belongs to the CIS. In addition, the Polish shippers encounter many stumbling blocks in their eastward transport business operations. The obstacles include, among others, the Russian embargo on the Polish agricultural products, difficulties in processing the Carnet TIR documents, and the resistance of Ukraine to establishing business relations.
„All the changes that are happening in the economic relations between the EU and the CIS countries have prompted us to addressing certain crucial questions during the Trans Poland 2014. The conference “Safety and security of transport in the CIS countries” which is scheduled on the first day of the Exhibition shall provide a response to the changes in the business terms and environment of the Polish shipping companies” – says Paweł Konowałek, the Manager of the Trans Poland International Transport and Logistic Fairs.

Chemicals under control
We are looking at a significant change in the TSL sector: in 2015, the new ADR/RID/AND regulations shall enter into force. In view of the increasing share of chemical products and hazardous cargo in the intermodal transport, the issue of assuring safety and security of the shipping operations remains very topical.
Providing adequate safety and security of the chemical and hazardous shipments shall be the topic of the EURO TSL 2014 Intermodal Forum which shall be held on the second day of the Fair, the 6th November.

Safety and security at every turn
Safety and security in the TSL industry is a multi-dimensional topic which encompasses a range of issues – from adequate securing of the cargo, through correct maintenance and operation of the warehouse machines, through responsible driving. Overcoming those obstacles and minimizing risks may be difficult but is necessary. Any potential crisis may be catastrophic for the company’s finance and image.
Many topics related to risk mitigation and minimizing likelihood of incidents will be addressed during the „Trans & Log – Safety and Security in logistics and transport”conference which will take place on the 7th November.
More at: www.trans-poland.pl

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