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            october 15, 2019

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Vossloh receives approval for DE 12 and DE 18 locomotives in Germany


Transport technology manufacturer Vossloh has received approval for its four-axle diesel-electric DE 12 and DE 18 locomotives from Germany's federal railway authority Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (EBA) to operate in the country, according to Railway Technology.
Vossloh Locomotives general manager Thomas Schwichtenberg said: "It has taken over four years to obtain approval for these diesel-electric locomotives within our family."
This new development will allow Vossloh to start production of the two remaining members of Vossloh's modular locomotive family and the company will also able to build similar locomotives without any further approvals until 2021.
The company is also expecting the approval for its two diesel-hydraulic locomotives models G 12 and G 18 from the railway authority.
In addition, the locomotives are also certified to TSI Loc&Pas, a significant move to receive approval to operate across Europe.
Vossloh CEO Hans Schabert said: "Successful approval to TSI Loc&Pas will permit us to market the family outside of Germany and this will make our family of locomotives even fitter for the future."
The DE 12 with 1,200kW and the DE 18 with 1,800kW are engineered for shunting and mainline duties.
With a weight variable between 80t and 90t, the locomotives will be able to operate on public networks at speeds of up to 120km/h.
The vehicles feature slip protection (VSP), an automatic start-stop eco drive system (VED), driver assistance (VDA) and a track recorder (VTR) that are developed to log and analyse for improved fuel efficiency.

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