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            october 24, 2019

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Shell to be BMW recommended oil supplier


Shell premium engine and motorcycle oils to be supplied for BMW service-fills in more than 140 countries
Shell today announces that it has been chosen by BMW AG as its only recommended global supplier for
aftermarket engine oils for the following BMW brands: BMW, BMW i, BMW M, MINI and BMW Motorrad.
From the start of 2015, premium engine oils manufactured by Shell will be available to customers at BMW’s
network of more than 3,500 dealers, in more than 140 countries, including China, Germany, Russia, South
Africa, South Korea, the UK and the USA.
The collaboration means that Shell will produce and supply BMW’s branded engine oils. These products will
meet the latest BMW engine specifications and are underpinned by Shell’s PurePlus Technology. Shell
PurePlus Technology is a breakthrough in how engine oils are formulated. It is a patented gas-to-liquid
(GTL) process, developed over 40 years of research, which converts natural gas into a crystal-clear base oil.
Base oil, usually made from crude oil, is the main component of finished oils and plays a vital role in the
quality of the finished engine oil. The base oil is produced at the Pearl GTL plant in Qatar, a partnership
between Shell and Qatar Petroleum. From 2015, BMW service customers can benefit from the integration of
Shell’s global lubricants supply chain with its gas value chain in Qatar.
Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice President for Shell Lubricants, said: “We are honoured to become the
BMW AG’s recommended supplier of aftermarket engine oil. We look forward to jointly supplying,
distributing and marketing these oils, as of start 2015. ”
“This is recognition of the benefits of Shell’s engine oil expertise and cutting-edge technology by one of the
world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. This includes an acknowledgment
of the value of our most recent innovation: Shell PurePlus Technology for premium engine oils.”
“This deal brings two leading brands together to offer the best of performance and technology to BMW
service customers. Both companies have a very strong commitment to premium products and services,
giving us much in common.”

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