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            october 21, 2019

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CEVA leads the way on e-AWB implementation


CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading supply chain management companies, has reached 20.4% e-AWB penetration across its global business,  placing it firmly among the leaders in e-AWB implementation.  In September 2014, CEVA achieved the fastest e-AWB growth of any logistics company.
CEVA took a major step forward in the 100% paperless eFreight initiative in the summer of 2013, when it signed the IATA multilateral agreement for the use of electronic Air Waybills. This laid the legal ground, by replacing the terms and conditions printed on the paper AWB.
In the following months, the focus of the e-AWB initiative within CEVA was on making its operational systems e-AWB capable, so that electronic AWB messages to carriers were fully reflective of what had previously been printed on the paper AWB. CEVA is now rolling out e-AWB globally, with those carriers which support it, following a successful initial pilot in New York, Atlanta, London and Frankfurt.
“We are fully committed to the streamlining and modernization of processes in this industry and with many of our stations still looking to cut-over to full eAWB usage before the end of the year, we are well on target to meet the IATA target of 22% by the end of 2014,” states Peter Baumgartner, CEVA Vice President, Global Air Operations and Compliance.
“eAWB is a first step to efreight – a paperless Airfreight environment which will enhance efficiency, accuracy and speed of processing  and at the same time reducing our environmental impact  through considerably less use of paper.  We are fully behind the drive towards the electronic exchange of data and messages and we will continue to lead the way during 2015,” he adds.

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