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            october 18, 2019

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French truckers seek European Union protection from Polish low-cost carriers


French trucking association Nationale des Transports Routiers (FNTR) wants the European Union authorities slow down the growing market share of mostly Polish low-cost truckers, whose low wages are killing the market for western European trucking, according to Shipping Gazette.
Short of EU labour and business cost harmonisation or protectionist measures at a national level, it is inevitable that eastern European hauliers will thrive beyond their frontiers, said FNTR executive Nicolas Paulissen.
Britain and Germany suffer a trucking shortages, but there is lack of demand in the flagging French economy, reports Lloyd's Loading List, resulting in local truckers facing severe competition from Polish truckers.
Data collected by le Comite National Routier (CNR) revealed that Poland has consolidated its position as the EU's leading trucker, adding that Poland could claim top spot for French domestic traffic too by 2017.
"For French hauliers, it clearly demonstrates that we have lost the battle as far as international traffic is concerned. We now fear for our long-distance domestic routes," said FNTR executive Nicolas Paulissen.
"If you are not active in the market for international traffic, you risk losing out on the domestic front too. Many French hauliers could be relegated to the role of simple, domestic sub-contractors," he said.

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