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            november 15, 2019

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Evergreen, CMA CGM to merge Asia-Adriatic service to cut capacity


Taiwan's Evergreen is to merge its Asia-Adriatic service (ADR) with the service offered by CMA CGM, CSCL and UASC within the ‘Ocean 3' alliance.
The Taiwanese carrier will provide two of the 10 ships deployed, reports Alphaliner.
The closure of the 'ADR' also affects Cosco, "K" Line, Yang Ming, Hanjin, MOL and CSCL, which all take slots on this loop. The last westbound sailing is scheduled on March 24 from Qingdao.
The new Asia-Adriatic VSA loop will retake the rotation of the O3 service, covering Marsaxlokk, Koper, Trieste, Rijeka, Venice, Koper, Marsaxlokk, Port Kelang, Guangzhou-Nansha, Shanghai, Busan, Ningbo, Shenzhen-Chiwan, Port Kelang and back to Marsaxlokk.
It will turn in 10 weeks with 10 ships between 5,600-7,200 TEU, of which six provided by CMA CGM, one by CSCL, one by UASC and two by Evergreen.
Cosco will participate in anticipation of the takeover of the CSCL services, formalised on March 1, while the other CKYH partners and MOL have yet to announce their options.
Of note, the Adriatic coverage of the soon to be suspended ADR has been limited to Koper and Trieste only.
The ADR called at Ashdod, Alexandria, Piraeus, Koper, Trieste, Piraeus, Jeddah, Colombo, Tanjung Pelepas, Shenzhen-Shekou, Kaohsiung, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Taipei, Shenzhen-Shekou, Shenzhen-Yantian, Tanjung Pelepas, Ashdod using up to 10 ships of 7,000-8,000 TEU.
Its removal will result in a weekly capacity reduction of about 6,300 TEU factoring in skipped sailings.

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