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            october 18, 2019

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CargoSmart has online window to get your verified container aboard ship


Hong Kong's CargoSmart, the online marketplace where shippers and carriers close deals, including the transmission and receipt of "verified gross mass" declarations, has a way through the UN's July 1 container weigh-in rule.
"Shippers, who submit their booking requests or shipping instructions through CargoSmart, qualify to submit the corresponding VGMs to their carriers through CargoSmart at no charge," according to Shipping  Gazette.
Like its rival, New Jersey-based INTTRA, CargoSmart offers and online window in which the relevant VGM data can be entered and passed on to the carrier, which is enough to get one's box aboard.There are two other major players in the field GT Nexus, of Oakland, and Toronto-area Decartes Systems.
Said CargoSmart: "If the VGM is not provided by carrier cut-off times, cargo may be held at the port of loading." But this problem appears to be solved by filling in the online form.
While some overseas terminals - Taiwan's Kaohsiung was cited - say they have to weigh bridges to do spot checks, no convenient facilities exist in Hong Kong or in the Pearl River Delta for spot checks - yet.
"CargoSmart works with 70 ocean carriers and terminals to establish a seamless VGM integration. CargoSmart's flexible and integrated VGM solutions help shippers minimise changes to their existing shipping execution processes," said the press release.
"In a recent CargoSmart customer survey with 820 respondents, more than two-thirds indicated that the extra process of obtaining the verified weight will present the biggest challenge to comply, while 24 per cent indicated submitting the VGM in a timely manner will be the biggest challenge," said CargoSmart.

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