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            september 18, 2019

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airBaltic – No. 1 airline in Estonia


The Latvian airline airBaltic for the second month in a row became No. 1 airline in Estonia. In May, 2016 airBaltic has achieved +32% growth, compared to the same period last year, and served 32 307 passengers travelling to and from Estonia.
As previously reported, in April 2016 for the first time in history, airBaltic stood as No. 1 airline in Estonia by achieving +64% growth and serving 28 474 passengers travelling to and from Estonia.
In May, airBaltic carried 32 307 passengers on its flights out of Tallinn, compared to 21 930 the same month a year earlier. The local airline in Tallinn had 2% fewer travellers than airBaltic. airBaltic has further strengthened its offering out of Tallinn by launching a direct service to Vilnius with two convenient morning and evening departures and prices starting at 29 EUR. As part of its Horizon 2021 plan, airBaltic will operate 11 direct routes out of Tallinn and Vilnius in the next five years, in combination with convenient transfers via Riga.

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