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            september 17, 2019

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Air Malta is giving cargo services free of charge to certain operators


The Air Malta pilots' association has "hinted that Air Malta is giving cargo services free of charge to certain operators", reports the Times of Malta.
Speaking during a meeting with the Opposition, pilots association head Dominic Azzopardi demanded that all those using Air Malta's services be made to pay for themselves.
"We want to know that people using the service are paying for it. There is EUR200 million (US$225.8 million) in turnover," he said.
"Someone is not paying for the service they are getting. The planes are always full of cargo. Where is the money going?" said Mr Azzopardi.
But the airline denied the allegations which it said were totally unfounded, calling on Mr Azzopardi to withdraw charges or substantiate them Legal action would be taken against him unless he did so.
The row is taking place during controversial negotiations between Air Malta and Italian flag carrier Alitalia over the purchase of a 49 per cent stake in the Maltese airline.
Air Malta is set to drastically reduce its workforce though no one will lose their jobs, with many becoming employees of a state company. The airline will then hire the employees it needs.
There will also be changes to the route network, while management will be in the hands of Alitalia and Etihad, which owns 49 per cent of the Italian carrier.

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