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            september 22, 2019

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Finnair Cargo aims to expand volume


Finnair's expansion, especially the addition of 19 Airbus A350-XWBs to its fleet, is triggering a new, more proactive approach to expanding its cargo volumes, which currently account for 17 per cent of the carrier's revenues.
Four of the new aircraft have already arrived and will be followed by seven this year and eight next, reports Singapore's Payload Asia.
The first aircraft it has received are servicing Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok. When more arrive they will serve other Asian destinations.
"It's almost 50 per cent more cargo capacity we will have to utilise in 2020 than compared to, say early 2015. It's a challenge and an opportunity," said Finnair vice president Janne Tarvainen.
Before this, cargo was according to Mr Tarvainen, "separate silo" along with a few other divisions. Now it is more integrated and there is a more go-getting attitude within the cargo division to meet the challenge of filling the added capacity of the new widebody fleet.
"Our goal is really to maximise revenues in a structured manner in order to contribute as positively to Finnair as we can. The structured manner means ambitious targets for the strategic focus markets and emphasis on providing value adding high quality solutions to our customers," Mr Tarvainen said.
Finnair said it would not take reduced rates to the market to win business. As a small carrier in relation to others it knows it is not in a position to set rates.
"We are focusing to getting loads in a structured manner. The structured way of working is essential. It is easy to get the loads just by pushing the price down, but then you do not generate the value to your company and maybe not even to your customers if you do not understand what they really need and appreciate," Mr Tarvainen said.

Source: Shipping Gazette

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