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            october 15, 2019

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LKW Walter
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VTG Rail Europe develops an innovative revision program


VTG Rail Europe GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of VTG Aktiengesellschaft, offers customers an innovative service concept: MoRe –Mobile Revision. Instead of wagons having to go to workshops for their various inspections, the workshops come to them!
“The Mobile Revision (MoRe) service allows us to orient towards customer needs to an even greater extent”, explained Sven Wellbrock, Head of VTG Rail Europe and added: “The advantages of such innovations speak for themselves: customers save time and costs and are able to plan the availability of their wagons much more efficiently.” With the MoRe service, stationary maintenance at workshops is replaced by on-site wagon revisions i.e. on the customer’s premises or at loading and unloading points, for instance. This significantly reduces wagon downtime costs and allows for transportation cost savings at the same time, as wagons are immediately available for redeployment afterwards.
Reducing downtimes to just three days is a major advantage for wagon users. This is clearly reflected in the high demand for this particular revision model at VTG Rail Europe. Furthermore, effective preliminary planning and inventory management regarding mobile equipment and relevant spare parts have meant that MoRe can be offered throughout Europe.

One сoncept – four possibilities
The usual G 4.8 and G 4.2 revisions and their various components can be performed for all wagon types, corresponding to VTG’s MoRe 1 and MoRe 2 packages. In addition, pressure tests for bulk freight and tank cars and functional tests for freight cars are also on offer, as MoRe 3 and MoRe 4 packages respectively, along with their corresponding components.

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