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            september 20, 2019

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Brexit raises fears among Irish exporters


Irish exporters have raised concerns that once the UK is free of the EU, "air truck" transit across England may be impossible under new rules to get to EU airports.
Following the "air truck" arrangement, trucks collect goods for shipment overseas by air, but as the nearest direct flight to the end customer is not available from Ireland, the trucks transit to the UK and the freight is loaded onto aircraft in Heathrow, or proceeds to Paris Charles de Gaulle or Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, reports Cork Examiner.
A study by InterTrade Ireland found that 26 per cent of Ireland's air cargo exports were moved by "air-truck." These "air trucks" depart every night from the ports of Dublin and Rosslare to reach air freight hubs in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium the following day for onward flights to the ultimate destination.
The pharmaceutical industry, Ireland's largest export sector, relies on air transport to send its shipments to global markets. Transporting perishable goods from Ireland, including fish, to many distant markets would not be possible without air transport, and the thoroughbred equestrian market also favours carriage of live animals by air.
The availability of air freight capacity has not kept pace with the growth in Ireland's international trade for many years. As a result, "air trucks" became a default mechanism to meet exporters' needs, but now have become an integral part of the Irish supply chain to reach international markets.
Some exporters are not happy with the "air-truck" phenomena, as they are paying for full air freight delivery, but part of the journey is by road and sea. Others claim it has led to the demise of air cargo from Cork Airport.

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