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            september 21, 2019

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ANA offers new temperature-controlled technology service


Tokyo-based carrier ANA begun offering a new temperature-controlled service on its flights out of Japan, London's Air Cargo News reported.
The PRIO IB Fixed Temp, a product that employs 'IceBattery" technology developed by Innovation thru Energy Co of Japan, has been introduced as a new element within its PRIO series of products designed for added-value cargo transport flown on international services.
The product will be available at various temperature range settings: of 2C to 8C, of -20C to -15C, and of -25C to-20C, ensuring a long-lasting fixed temperature in three container sizes (LD3 ULDs and two different sizes of chilled box).
If the temperature range is set between 2C and 8C, that temperature range can be maintained for more than 100 hours.
The new option is suitable for various cargo types that require strict temperature control under refrigerated or frozen conditions, including vaccines and other pharmaceutical products, as well as chemical products and perishables such as seafood.
PRIO IB Fixed Temp offers an alternative to traditional dry ice shipping, because of its use of IceBattery technology, and will be available at airports that do not allow the use of dry ice.
An eco-friendly product, in contrast to dry ice there are said to be no dangerous handling issues or environmental concerns associated with the emission of carbon dioxide. Nor is any electrical supply needed for IceBattery.

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