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            november 17, 2019

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China's BYD unveils new monorail system in Shenzhen


Chinese company BYD has unveiled its new monorail system in Shenzhen called SkyRail, which is the result of a $757m investment over the past five years, according to Railway Technology.
SkyRail marks BYD’s entry into the mass transit market, and is a solution introduced by the company to counter traffic congestion in cities across worldwide.
BYD’s SkyRail serves as a mass transit alternative with smaller passenger capacities and delivers a number of benefits.
Capital expenditure for this monorail system is 80% lower than metro, and construction period is two-thirds shorter.
SkyRail has higher climbing ability, reduced noise to allow travel through architectural complexes, and gives visual integration into the cityscape due to transparent bridges and independent right of way.
It also has flexible management to allow for capacity between 10,000 to 30,000 passengers an hour and operate at a high-speed of up to 80km/h.
BYD said SkyRail is applicable to small and medium sized cities, heavy traffic routes, CBD’s and routes that link tourist attractions in large cities.
The system complements metro and bus systems to help create a transport network comprising underground, roadway and elevated parts.
BYD president and chairman Wang Chuanfu said: “As a rail transport option with relatively smaller passenger capacity, ‘SkyRail’ can complement existing public transport systems to create a layered transport system encompassing underground, roadway and elevated elements.
“At the same time, SkyRail provides urban residents with safe, comfortable and fast mobility, while making a real difference to alleviate traffic congestion.”

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