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            january 29, 2020

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CILF 2020

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Global air cargo box market is to grow 4.3pc a year through 2021


The global air cargo containers market is anticipated to register growth at a 4.3 per cent a year through 2021 on the back of surging demand for lightweight containers, rapid technological advancements, rising disposable incomes and expanding urbanization, according to a report by Stratview Research.
Air cargo containers made of composite materials expected to register the highest growth rates through 2021, primarily due to increasing demand for lightweight containers. Increased life and high durability of containers made of composite materials are other growth drivers for this segment. Composite based containers are 20 to 40 per cent lighter that those made of aluminum.
Wide body aircraft is likely to remain the key application segment for air cargo containers during 2016-2021. The major growth drivers of this segment include the great number of containers per aircraft, escalating demand for wide body aircraft and rising deliveries via wide body aircraft.
Presently, LD3 ranks the top preferred container type both in cargo and passenger aircraft. The top air cargo container producers include Zodiac Aerospace, Nordisk Aviation, Cargo Composites, VRR Aviation and Satco.

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