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            april 26, 2018

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LKW Walter
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GMF AeroAsia signed a long-term agreement with Satair Group


GMF AeroAsia has signed a long-term agreement with Satair Group concerning the Airbus Managed Inventory (AMI) and Just In Time (JIT) services. The Airbus subsidiary Satair Group’s AMI solution optimises inventory management and ensures that high-usage and non-repairable parts are automatically replenished. To improve the competitiveness of GMF AeroAsia, AMI guarantees parts availability and decreases inventory stock and surplus levels. The JIT solution offers fixed pricing, consolidated shipments and exclusive stocking on behalf of the customer. Together with the AMI service, GMF AeroAsia will get comprehensive coverage of both consumables and expendables. 
Paul Lochab, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Satair Group says: “We are pleased that GMF AeroAsia has chosen to go with the Airbus Managed Inventory solution and Just In Time solution. It is the first time that we have combined these two unique services which are tailor-made for the supply chain requirements of GMF AeroAsia and the MRO industry. We are confident that the combination of AMI and JIT will prove to be just the right tools to support inventory planning, reduce priority orders and allow GMF AeroAsia to streamline administration for a large range of frequently moving consumables and expendables.”
The scope of the AMI service initially is covering Airbus standard parts only, and the JIT solution covers Satair Group’s broad range of distribution lines. However, there is a possibility to adapt and add other material categories in line with business evolution, fleet growth and aircraft configuration changes.
President & CEO at GMF AeroAsia, Juliandra Nurtjahjo continues: “We are honoured to have sealed this AMI and JIT agreement. From now on, we can minimise effort and cost of order & inventory while parts availability can be maximised. Having more than 10 years’ experience of co-operating with Airbus in many other areas of customer services, i.e. training, engineering, warranty and repair, this is the first time we have done this kind of partnership,”. He also added that GMF would like to undertake the right-sizing and adjusting of its inventory per their needs with the aim of gaining a competitive advantage.
The AMI automated inventory management solution supports MRO customers by reducing inventory holding cost. It captures material consumption intelligence in real-time, triggering automatically replenishment within the set-up inventory levels, granting high on-shelf part availability while decreasing overall inventory stock level and reducing cost.
Lochab ends: “This partnership is a prime example of how Satair Group provides world-class material management and supply-chain solution and services for customers such as GMF AeroAsia.”

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