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            april 24, 2018

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New IRU guidelines on goods reception to reduce accidents and improve efficiency


“Safe and Efficient Goods Reception for Road Freight” is a new set of international guidelines to reduce the number of people injured and to minimise transport disruptions resulting from load related incidents in the workplace and on the road.
Setting out standards on safe loading and unloading practices, the guidelines will promote safety and encourage sustainable improvements in transport operations.
Mårten Johansson, President of IRU’s International Commission on Technical Affairs (CIT) said,  “The guidelines address an international context and are therefore unique. I encourage all stakeholders to follow these comprehensive recommendations as a reference to ensure that safety comes first.”
Every year thousands of workers suffer serious and fatal injuries when working around vehicles which are collecting or delivering goods. Developed in cooperation with partners in the health, safety and training industries, as well as the working environment, the guidelines will prevent this avoidable human suffering and minimise the adverse economic consequences.
Compiled by IRU’s CIT, the guidelines provide practical examples and supporting graphics depicting good practice arrangements that address the different aspects involved in the design, operation and maintenance of goods reception areas.

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