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            june 20, 2018

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CLECAT response to the ‘Road Alliance’


Those supporting the proposals of the European Ministers for a ’Road Alliance’, promoting a single road haulage market ensuring social rights and more efficient controls, should know that some of these proposals are counter-productive to the competitiveness of European transport and logistics and would frustrate ambitions to reduce carbon emissions through an efficient transport system.
In a press release published on 9 February CLECAT calls on policy makers to take a realistic and pragmatic approach at a time when Europe needs to refrain from further protectionism which will ultimately not bring benefits to the European economy and society at large. Overall, the liberalisation of international road freight transport has also allowed social and economic growth all over Europe and remains the backbone of the EU economy.
Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT said: “we are worried to see enforcement being replaced more and more by national initiatives and regulation, and an increased administrative burden on freight forwarders – to the level of taking over the role of enforcement. It should be noted that freight forwarders always seek to ensure, before contracting a service from a carrier, that rules are being respected, including the legislation with regards to the minimum wages and driving and resting times. There are however limits to what can reasonably be controlled by them to avoid carriers committing offenses, whether intended or unintended.”
The Road Alliance also calls on the ITF to continue to cap the quota which controls market opening, in an effort to further protect European markets. Whilst recognising the political constraints, CLECAT calls on the European Commission to pursue its ambition to further internationalise road freight transport with third countries and regrets the lack of recognition of the importance of international road freight transport for European business.
Ms van der Jagt continued: ‘at a time when many of our members are disillusioned by restrictions being introduced into the market that seek to protect national interests, we are looking forward to further constructive discussions with policy makers in the run-up to the European Commission’s road initiative, as we do believe that it is the responsibility of the European Union to provide clear rules in support of the Single Market. We can therefore support the initiatives of the Road Alliance in support of better enforcement, e-CMR and cooperation between Member States.

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