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            october 19, 2019

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Yusen İnci Lojistik launches with merger of Yusen Logistics Turkey and İnci Lojistik


Yusen Logistics Turkey (YLTR), a subsidiary of global logistics company Yusen Logistics, and İnci Lojistik (IL), a subsidiary of İnci Holding, have merged to form a new company, Yusen İnci Lojistik ve Ticaret A.Ş. (hereinafter Yusen İnci Lojistik).
Yusen İnci Lojistik commences operation on 1st April 2017 and is headed up by Hakan Meric, formerly Managing Director of Yusen Logistics Turkey.
This strategic merger represents a crucial step for both parties and changes the landscape of the domestic logistics market in Turkey, as well as impacting the international sector.
This merger creates a new and stronger alternative choice for customers seeking quality logistics and value added services in the rapidly growing Turkish market. The formation of Yusen İnci Lojistik formalizes the two organizations’ complementary specialist areas of experience, with Yusen Logistics’ presence in global markets on the one hand, and İnci Lojistik’s expertise in the domestic market on the other.
Headquartered in Istanbul, Yusen İnci Lojistik offers a full range of contract logistics services in Turkey, as well as as well as international forwarding services for both inbound and outbound supply chains through its global network. 
Yusen İnci Lojistik has offices in Istanbul, Izmir, Manisa, Bursa and Ankara, operating 30,000 m2 of high quality warehousing at the Izmir and Manisa locations. Both ambient and temperature controlled storage are offered, as well as Customs facilities and bonded storage. The company also offers a wide-range of value added services including: sequencing, kitting, pre-assembly, line feed, packaging, labelling, product rework and quality control. The company’s nationwide distribution network offers domestic transportation and delivery solutions.
Yusen Logistics commenced activities in Turkey on 1st October 2012, with the name of Yusen Logistics Turkey. A member company of İnci Holding, İnci Lojistik was founded in 1997 and provides domestic and international logistics, supply chain solutions and supply chain consultancy services. The two companies formalized an initial collaboration in 2014 and the creation of the new merged company with the shares held by Yusen Logistics Europe BV (60%) and Inci Holding (40%) firmly underlines the two companies’ commitment to further strengthening their relationship.
Yusen İnci Lojistik is now well positioned to strengthen its presence in the Turkish markets as well as developing high quality international logistics services on a global scale, with accelerated business growth.
Commenting on the merger, Kenji Mizushima, President of Yusen Logistics said: “This merger together with İnci Lojistik is indeed a very important step for Yusen Logistics from our worldwide perspective. Our strengthened presence in Turkey represents an importance step in the next stage of our global strategy.”
Commenting on the merger, Neşe Gök, President of İnci Holding said: “The two partners’ two companies in Turkey are uniting under one umbrella to grow and become stronger. We are proud of this development, which proves our partner’s confidence in our company and more importantly in our country’s economy.”
Commenting on the merger, Murat Yıldıran, President of İnci Lojistik said: “We are uniting our forces to better adapt to the needs and realities of the rapidly changing World; together we are more resilient to Global turbulences and more capable of transforming them into opportunities.”
Commenting on the merger, Hakan Meric, Managing Director, Yusen İnci Lojistik added: “Yusen Logistics has chosen Turkey as a center to grow and strengthen its position as a player in the Regional sector. This merger reinforces our critical mass in the Turkish market and means that we are well placed to better serve our existing customer base, as well as offering attractive solutions to new customers.”

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