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            may 26, 2018

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LKW Walter
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New order of Citeas LLE-127 for Finnish public transport company Pohjolan Liikenne


Finnish bus company Pohjolan Liikenne has placed a Citea order with VDL Bus & Coach for the 5th time. This latest order consists of 23 Citeas LLE-127 and is a follow-up order to the 5 Citeas LLE-127 and 24 Citeas XLE-145 delivered last year for Espoo, a city near Helsinki. Pohjolan Liikenne has once again chosen the Citea LLE-127 for the 1-2-1 door configuration that simplifies boarding and alighting and ensures optimal passenger flow. The new Citeas will be used on the same lines in Espoo as the Citea LLE-127 delivery last year. Delivery will take place in late November of this year.

Citea LLE-127
The Citea LLE-127, with a length of 12.7 metres, is the longest Citea LLE version. The extended wheelbase provides room for four more seats than the 12-metre version. Compared to similar buses with the same number of seats, the Citea LLE-127 also benefits from the advantages of low total weight: reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions of harmful substances and reduction of maintenance costs, which means lower TCO and more Profit of Ownership.
The low fuel consumption and resulting lower emissions of harmful substances not only make the buses an asset to Pohjolan Liikenne but also to the residents of Espoo. The new Citeas have special underfilm corrosion protection on all the floor elements and XPS side wall insulation material. Pohjolan Liikenne has opted for this because the bus interiors are cleaned with a pressure washer. This way moisture intrusion is minimized, extending the life of the interior.

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