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            june 23, 2018

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Kalmar's new Rail Mounted Gantry Crane offers more flexibility for intermodal and container terminals


Kalmar introduced Kalmar Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (RMG), a highly adaptable, automation-ready platform to the market. The Kalmar RMG can be designed to meet the exact requirements of customers' intermodal or container terminal operations.
"We are excited to put new focus on the intermodal market with our brand new RMG. In designing this product, we have leveraged our experience of over 40 years in rail-mounted cranes and over 20 years in port and terminal automation. We have delivered various cantilever RMGs to intermodal terminals since the 1970's, and today, Kalmar Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes are commonly used in intermodal terminals especially in Europe. With this new RMG, we were able to combine the best features of different types of equipment," says Timo Alho, Vice President, Intelligent Crane Solutions, Kalmar.
Kalmar RMGs can be tailored for customer-specific requirements, making them suitable for greenfield sites or to be fitted into an existing brownfield operation. The cranes can be combined with Kalmar Horizontal Transportation or Mobile Equipment to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for intermodal and container terminals. All Kalmar RMGs have electric drive units which are highly efficient, give exceptionally smooth operation and have zero emissions at source. Kalmar RMGs have a rail span of 20-55 metres, a lifting capacity of up to 65 tonnes, an outreach of up to 18 metres and can stack up to a height of 1 over 6.
"What is so special about our RMGs is that they can be automated step by step by adding features incrementally when it suits the customer. We have utilised the same, field-proven technology that is already available in our fifth generation automatic stacking cranes (ASCs). All Kalmar RMGs can be operated manually, remotely or automatically. Even if you choose a manually operated crane today, it can be retrofitted in the future to be remote controlled or automated. Now our customers can decide when it fits their plans to join in the automation journey," says Timo Alho.

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