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            october 19, 2018

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Self-driving truck in Shanghai attracts US$5 million investments


San Diego autonomous trucking company, TuSimple, has raised US$55 million from investors to establish a commercially viable self-driving truck with Level 4 SAE standards of safety.
The company has already demonstrated its Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Level 4 self-driving system in Shanghai, and is planning deployment in the US.
"The completion of an SAE Level 4 test means the entire demonstration was handled by the system, without any human intervention," the company said.
The SAE has established six levels of automation, with 0 being no automation and five being full automation.
Latest funding will enable it to scale testing to two full truck fleets, one in China and one in the United States, said TuSimple, reports American Shipper.
This also includes building out a production engineering team in Tucson. In addition, the company said it will use the funding to further research in San Diego and Beijing.
TuSimple, which focuses on line-haul trucking, transporting cargo between ports, plants, warehouses, and distribution centres, said it plans to apply technology to meet challenges of road safety.
"Human error and driver fatigue account for a large portion of truck accidents," said TuSimple CEO Mo Chen.

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