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            october 19, 2018

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Liebherr delivers first L1-series crane to Russia


Liebherr introduced the fast-erecting crane L1-24 during the international trade fair Bauma'2016 in Munich. While providing a load capacity of up to 2.5 metric tons, the L1-24 complements Liebherr´s range of compact tower cranes and currently is the only crane in the company´s portfolio for handling loads in the 2 to 4 tons segment. “Monolit”, a Moscow based construction firm, has recently acquired the first L1-24 in Russia which – at the same time – happens to be the first Liebherr crane in the company´s fleet. “Monolit” is planning to use the crane for the construction of high-class log houses.
The application areas of the L1-24 encompass low-rise construction, load handling in confined spaces, transport infrastructure projects, various loading and offloading operations, auxiliary crane functions and the preparation of high-rise construction sites.
Key features of the L1-24 are the ability to self-erect within the shortest time directly on the construction site, easy and unhindered transportation on public roads, compact dimensions in both „erected“ and „folded“ position.
When erected, the crane is mounted on a steel support base with four outriggers. For the L1-24, Liebherr offers two support base versions: the square-shaped base comes in the dimensions 3,800х3,800 mm while the rectangular-shaped version covers 3,100х4,300 mm. This allows to adapt the crane´s base to specific conditions on the customer´s job sites.
The compact design of both the slewing platform and the ballast ensures that the crane´s lower swing radius does not exceed 1,905 mm. At the same time, L1-24 is a full-slewing tower crane that is able to rotate 360° without limitation. At this point it is worth mentioning, that the closed profiles of the tower sections prevent internal corrosion and thereby guarantee reliable operation throughout the crane´s service life.
The Z-kinematic of the crane´s jib allows to adapt both reach and upper swing radius to the requirements on the job site. This is a significant advantage when the L1-24 has to work in confined spaces. Again, the customer can choose from two jib versions: the short version provides a reach of up to 25 m while the long version extends to 27 m. Respectively, in horizontal jib position the maximum hook height is 19.1 m or 19.2 m whereas the load capacity at the jib head is 950 kg or 800 kg.
In order to raise the hook even higher, the crane driver can angle both the short and the long jib at 10° or 20°. Additionally, both jib versions can be angled at 160° to pass obstacles while slewing: In this case the upper swing radius will be shortened to 10.4 m or 11 m, depending on the jib´s version.
There are two ballast versions available – simple standard concrete ballast or full steel ballast. The steel ballast can be carried on the crane during transportation. This reduces erection time and transportation costs allowing to swiftly move the crane between construction sites. Meanwhile, the standard concrete ballast has to be transported separately.
During transportation, the crane´s width stays within 2,500 mm while its height does not exceed 3,500 mm and its length – 12,000 mm. Thereby the crane easily fits onto a regular low-bed trailer. Without ballast, the crane´s weight amounts to 8.2 tons.
Additionally, Liebherr offers special road transport axles for the L1-24. In Europe, these axles proved to be very beneficial for moving the crane on public roads. Still, the experience of Russian companies shows that transporting fast-erecting cranes on low bed trucks is a more viable solution as it does not require additional permits.
The L1-24 is capable of operating from an industrial class power supply of 380 V or a regular wall outlet. The hoisting mechanisms of the crane are based on efficient hydraulic winches that provide fast working cycles.
A key advantage of the L1-24 is an easy access to main components and systems during servicing and maintenance work.
Modern control equipment makes the Liebherr L1-24 easy to operate and safe to drive. The crane driver operates the L1-24 by means of a remote control and is assisted by various control functions and systems. For instance, the Micromove fine positioning mode, the continuous adjustment of drive speeds, the oscillation damping system and the operating range limiting system to help the crane driver to work efficiently and safely.
The fast-erecting Liebherr L1-24 is distinguished by an innovative and compact design, operating and maintenance comfort, fast and easy transportation, high productivity and safety. At the same time the L1-24 exhibits the traditional advantages of Liebherr construction machines – it is reliable, durable and cost-efficient. Just like all Liebherr machines, the L1-24 is supported by an extensive customer service network that provides thorough technical assistance paired with a high availability of spare parts.


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