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            october 18, 2018

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ERTMS threatens competitiveness of Dutch railways


The Dutch Parliament has been asked by the transport sector to scrap the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) because it makes Dutch rail services uncompetitive.
A petition was filed by RailGood, a Dutch alliance of 50 rail operators, logistics firms, inland terminals and the German port of Duisburg.
The RailGood lobby claims the implementation of ERTMS and the "exponential increase in infrastructural charges" will cause losses for rail, port and terminal operators, cut the level of future investment and reduce the competitiveness of the Dutch rail logistics sector, reported London's freightweek.
RailGood is demanding Dutch authorities lower the cost of rail to equal that of truck and barge transport; halt the introduction of ERTMS; adopt the German 'Masterplan for Rail Freight Transportation' for rail safety systems; guarantee interoperability with neighbouring countries; adopt technology that will last for decades; and compensate rail companies for the current cost of compliance.
"We request the Dutch Parliament to make the Dutch rail freight transport attractive so that shippers more often choose rail," said RailGood in its petition.
The ERTMS has been developed by eight rail manufacturers: Alstom Transport, Ansaldo STS, AZD Praha, Bombardier Transportation, CAF, Mermec, Siemens Mobility and Thales.
The objective is to replace 20 national train command and control systems in Europe with one automatic train protection system and a single global system for mobile (GSM) voice and data communication network.

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