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            march 25, 2019

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Eurotunnel welcomes the introduction of a new high-speed rail link


Yesterday morning  heralded  the  launch  of  direct  high-speed  passenger  rail  services  between London and Amsterdam via the Channel Tunnel.
Eurotunnel welcomes this historic event: the first Eurostar to connect London to Amsterdam in less than 4 hours crossed the Channel through the Tunnel this morning, reaching the continent at 10:23 local time.
Eurostar  and  Eurotunnel  staff  have  worked  hard  to  achieve  this  milestone,  with  the  many obstacles overcome to gain agreement between all parties across 4 different countries having taken considerable efforts. Border controls remain to be improved so that customers using this new route can experience the level of fluidity they have the right to expect.
On  the  eve  of  the  UK  leaving  the  European  Union,  this  new  link  is  a  very  powerful  sign  of confidence in the strength of cross-Channel traffic. The new Eurostar service, in the medium term, should capture a little over a quarter of the air traffic on the route, equivalent to more than a million passengers per year.

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