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            january 20, 2019

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Unimog for all seasons


Performing a wide variety of different tasks throughout the year with just one vehicle – that is the great strength of the Unimog implement carrier. In municipalities, and increasingly also with service providers and contractors, it carries out varied tasks such as maintenance of green areas, winter service operations and road maintenance. The Unimog has everything needed for all-season operations: powerful Euro VI engines, sophisticated power transfer for on-road driving and powering of implements, and also outstanding off-road attributes. The Unimog's suitability for motorway driving also enables it to cover long distances between working locations effortlessly and comfortably.
Thanks to high payloads, the Unimog is a dependable partner as a tractor unit, transport all-rounder or implement carrier. Its wide range of applications ensures a high utilisation rate and therefore operational efficiency.

Unimog U 218: compact transporter with flexible roll-off system
As a representative of the particularly compact 200 series, the Unimog U 218 shown at the IFAT 2018 is equipped with a front-mounted Dücker road sweeper and a Maytec skip loader system.
As a particularly economical and manoeuvrable model, the Unimog U 218 is specially configured for the needs of smaller towns and communities looking for a slim and agile vehicle. It has a width of only 2.15 m. However, in the case of the Unimog, compact does not mean that its users have to forego key attributes. Thanks to the open-view cab, the good view of the working area makes it particularly convenient and safe in operation.
The hook lift makes optimum use of the space behind the cab, and ensures a short container overhang at the rear. The loaded and unloaded weight distribution is well balanced. The hook lift technology also makes it possible to equip the already variable implement carrier for a wide range of tasks in the body area. Apart from standardised container bodies, the Unimog featuring this technology can also accommodate special-purpose transport containers which the user can configure to suit personal requirements.
It makes the loading and unloading of machinery and materials particularly easy. The wheelbase of this exhibit has been increased to 3600 mm to ensure a high transport capacity. Standardised interfaces allow the rapid and easy mounting of implements, and speed up implement changes. This makes the U 218 ready for other tasks without long interruptions. Operation and control – also of several implements – is by a convenient multifunction joystick. The U 218 has everything needed to perform municipal duties: in addition to compact dimensions and an attractive price/performance ratio, it impresses with its safety, flexibility and reliability.

Double benefit with the Unimog U 530
The version of the Unimog U 530, which Mercedes-Benz is exhibiting at the Munich environmental show, a combination of a municipal and agricultural vehicle, scores with other highlights under the motto "Green helps orange". With an output of 300 hp, the U 530 is the top-of-the-range implement carrier and meets high standards. It is right up front with respect to productivity, efficiency and environmental compatibility. As the DLG PowerMix test shows: Using the Unimog U 530 in transport operations brings a fuel consumption advantage of up to 22 percent (reference: DLG test report 6392). The exhibit is an excellent choice for service providers and contractors who carry out both agricultural and municipal tasks. At the show the Unimog equipped with a Mulag front-mounted boom for maintenance of green areas and with a Gmeiner automatic spreader for de-icing operations in winter service will demonstrate its versatility.
Implements are powered by the mechanical front and rear ptos and the precise and particularly efficient load-sensing hydraulics, where only the power actually required by the implement is called upon. Up to 50 km/h, hydrostatic driving during implement operation is made possible by the continuously variable traction drive EasyDrive. All-wheel steering is available to reduce the already small turning circle by a further 20 percent or so, which further improves manoeuvrability.
Another advantage is the tyre pressure control system TireControl Plus, which is easily operated from the driver area: this ensures increased traction with minimum ground surface damage – a decisive advantage e.g. when working on and crossing agricultural farming areas. The U 530 also masters heavy-duty transport assignments with its three-tonne trailer load and tongue weight.
For registration as an agricultural tractor/implement carrier, the emission standard Euromot IV (available for Unimog U 423, U 429 and U 529) is also optionally possible in Germany. This registration also allows use of the vehicles for municipal services. The Unimog therefore meets the emission standard for tractor units. It is planned to obtain tractor type approval for the EU so that the Unimog can be registered as a tractor in other European countries as well.

Unimog U 4023: the all-terrain municipal vehicle
The current Unimog U 4023 and U 5023 models are all-terrain transport and working vehicles. They meet the stringent Euro VI emission standard, and thanks to extreme off-road capabilities and a high fording depth of up to 1.20 m, they can also be used for disaster relief. Especially municipalities in regions with a high flooding risk can count on the Unimog as a robust helper in emergencies. Thanks to its high payload – the permissible gross vehicle weight is up to 14.5 t – and flexible body and equipment mounting options, the Unimog reliably performs winter service operations and a wide range of transport or loading assignments. The torsionally flexible, offset frame, the protected powertrain and high-mounted detachable parts, as well as the vehicle's low centre of gravity, ensure safe progress on difficult terrain even with mounted equipment and body. Thanks to large angles of approach/departure and a huge ground clearance by virtue of portal axles, the U 4023 and U 5023 are able to access working areas where other vehicle concepts have long given up trying. A Unimog U 4023 with municipal equipment is exhibited in the open area adjacent to Hall C6 for IFAT visitors.

Online Unimog Partner portal
The new "Unimog Partner portal" demonstrates how well the Unimog harmonises with the suppliers of body-mounted implements. Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks makes special arrangements with implement and body partners concerning the requirements for their products, and categorises these manufacturers as "Unimog Partners" and highly specialised "Unimog Expert Partners".
From now on, at www.unimogpartner.com, which has a useful search function and is optimised for desktops, tablets and smartphones, users can find out about suitable Unimog implement combinations for a wide range of applications.
The main focus of the new "Unimog Partner portal" is on detailed descriptions of bodies and implements, with photos and contact address of the relevant Unimog implement partner. These profiles provide detailed information about the product advantages and key technical data for operation of the chosen implement combination.

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