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            october 15, 2018

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UK re-introduces dogs to detect explosives in air cargo


Dogs trained to detect minute traces of explosives hidden in air freight are being re-deployed in cargo sheds at British airports.
In announcing the policy change four years on, the UK's Department for Transport (DfT) said: "Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDs) working in close partnership with their human handlers are being used to check freight for a range of explosive materials.
"The dogs are being used alongside existing screening methods, offering a rapid and effective way of screening large volumes of air cargo.
"Each animal has undergone 12 months of rigorous training to achieve government certification before being deployed in the cargo sheds. As they carry out their operational duties they will go through a regular quality assurance programme.
"The world leading standards that have been set by the government will make sure that a robust programme is in place which guarantees and maintains the animals' detection capabilities."
Dogs are already used in a variety of ways at UK airports, for example, by helping police to identify criminals and prevent illegal activity, London's Air Cargo News reported.
Said the DfT: "The introduction of FREDDs will add to this capability and provide the aviation industry with a new way to fight the threat of terrorism."

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